Mummy and Me Yoga

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Congratulations! You have had your baby. Well done! Got your 6 week check and everything is ok? Great! Now it's time to start moving about, socializing with other mums and babies while you exercise and get back into shape. Mummy and Me yoga class is a perfect way to ease yourself back into 'post-baby' life :). 

The class is run by Sheila who is a qualified yoga teacher certified by the British Wheel of Yoga UK and Radiant Child yoga . She teaches kids yoga , pre and postnatal yoga , does Thai Yoga massage and is a certified Journey practitioner. Sheila has a degree in Community Development from St.Paul's University and is a mother. 

Mums with children between the age of 6 weeks to 9 months are welcome to the class. Come with a mat, kikoy or leso and one for the baby too. You are also welcome to 'wear' your baby using whatever aid you are comfortable with - leso or baby carrier. 

Only 10 slots available for the class. First come, first served basis. Book via 



On-going Registration...